Thursday, February 13, 2014


Contemplating a new look, a nickname, a profession.....what about dark blue/purple/steak of dark pink short hair, call myself Raven, and be a photographer?

Or what about short blond hair, Daisy, and be a writer?

How about short brown hair, Rainbow, doula?

But I'm too lazy...I will probably just leave my sandy blond hair alone, listen to my children yell Mama and keep being a Mom....

I hope I can find a bicycle soon....and perhaps a bike trailer. I gotta go search Craigslist now...

Thursday, February 6, 2014


We have moved. Again. The third time in two and a half years.

No, we are not a military family. Far from it! I like to hug trees and make granola.

My wonderful husband got his dream job. Finally. After ten plus years of trying and waiting. After so many times hearing "No", someone finally said, "YES!"

OH JOY! OH RAPTURE! ......oh shit.

We experienced every emotion known to humanity. Excitement, horror, happiness, ultimate stress. Packing and cleaning and purging...we had only two weeks...preparations to move four people (me, husband, two daughters aged 8 and almost 5 years) from Orlando, FL to The north bay area of San Francisco, CA.

Across the country. We had eight days to do it. EIGHT DAYS. We chose to drive. We packed my parent's Honda Odyssey (Thanks Mommy and Daddy!) and a Uhaul trailer full of stuff we thought we couldn't live without (although every time I unpack a box, I can't help but think that most of it could have been left behind).

We left behind all friends and family. Yes, there is social media. Yes, there is live chatting with webcams. Heck my phone is smart enough to do all of that! It is still not the same.

Humans need physical contact. Some more than others, but time with family and friends is biologically necessary. I don't doubt that we will meet new people and make new friends....I just hate the transition period.

Feelings of doubt and uncertainty take over, mixed with loneliness and laced with stress make for bad times.

Yes, I know it gets better. Yes I know this too shall pass.... It still sucks and words don't help. We need actual help.

End if blog post? Nope. I shall leave you with hope. We are not in total despair. By the grace of God, a friend of mine from high school lives one hour from us! We have her and her wife to thank for Thanksgiving leftovers (we arrived in California on Thanksgiving), and watching the kids one evening while husband and I went to an adults-only work event.

More to come. Slowly, as we find some semblance of a routine.