Thursday, February 12, 2009


Change a new idea you have heard of to something that you can accept and even do!

The idea I recently came across is that of a "Lotus Birth."

[from the website:]
Q: What is Lotus Birth exactly?

A: The practice of neonatal umbilical intactness - nonseverance of the umbilical cord - and absence of any
potential portal of navel infection. The birth practice of the early American pioneers who produced some of the hardiest children known in American history... and valued everything they had. Also called "Umbilical
Nonseverance." The baby, cord, and placenta are treated as one unit, as they are all originate from the same cellular source (egg and sperm).

Of course I say 'recently' but I actually heard about it maybe a year ago I think on a MySpace page...can't remember where or who, sorry.

I looked through the website and after the initial "ew gross!" I thought, "Why not?" I am still pregnant (although I did have bloody show on Monday and am having light contractions even as I type now ;o) and can still make this decision before birth. I have not told my midwife yet, and I hope she is cool with this idea...I don't even know if this thing happens in my part of the world.

Here is another site about Lotus Birth, just to get all the facts.