Thursday, April 14, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel...

We are more than half way through "self-induced poverty" and doing well!  It has been a struggle, but we are surviving.  We have run out of our frozen raw milk and trying to decide if I should go and get some the next time orders are due....  I actually got Publix milk (half gallon), mostly just for cooking, and tasted it...YUCK YUCK GROSS YUCK!!!  It was not past it's expiration date and tasted HORRIBLE!  I am NOT drinking that stuff again!  I posted it on Facebook and people reminded me that almond milk exists...duh :P I could have gotten some almonds and made my own milk! I DO have a wonderful Blentec blender from my awesome MIL (Thanks Star!) that I HAVE made almond milk in - successfully, might I add ;)

But besides that - and my husband is sick of oatmeal - we have been home (okay, we have a bit of cabin fever...yes it happens in Florida), not going many places, walking more, enjoying each other and the kids more, taking it easy, catching up with housework and homeschool work. 

Patrick and I have also been loosing weight so much and so noticeably that we had to get new pants a couple of weeks ago.  I went from a size 14 to a 10!  And he went from 42 to 38, and even those are now loose!  So when poverty is over - which is only a couple of paychecks away (we're so excited!!) - we need new clothes :)

And I get a new vacuum, because my current one is being held together by duct tape and hot glue....really.