Saturday, January 24, 2009

For those of you who may find yourself in Hong Kong...

So I was searching for info on linea negra the other day, when I came across this site for pregnancy and nursing clothes, cleverly named 'Linea Negra,' "where the stylish bellies shop."

[From their site:] 'The genesis of Linea Negra Maternity came out of our own experiences while being pregnant in Hong Kong. We all shared the same feelings of shock, frustration and unhappiness with the selection of clothing that was then available to us. The good news is that now, things are different.'

The bad news is, THEY ARE ONLY IN HONG KONG!!!

Such great styles, colors and patterns yet not available to anyone outside HK...

But if you do find yourself in Hong Kong ;o) please pick me up one of these (size large):