Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Those are cool shoes!"

These are the best shoes - EVER! They are called Vibram Fivefingers and they are like going barefoot. They are not fancy but do come in a variety of colors. They are adjustable, versatile, washable, super comfortable, and I have been wearing mine for a year now and the only thing bad is they smell like feet :) I only have one pair - because they are a pricey investment - and they don't get washed as often as they should because I am wearing them all the time!
[Those are the ones I have - pictured right]

They are the perfect mom shoe. They do not show any major wear spots, I can slip them on and go out the door. I am always getting complimented on them by people in the world. They say things like, "Those are awesome shoes!" or "Where did you find them?" In my area of the world, I got them here:

Nearly Barefoot Sandals
350 N. Atlantic Ave.
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

The other question I get is, "What are they for/What can you use them for?" I tell them that you can use them in water sports, rock climbing, weight training, walking, running, Yoga, stuff like that. I use them for chasing around after a three year old :) which is much like these sports sometimes!

They also make different styles, the Sprint with straps and the Flow that covers more of the foot. And how do my feet feel? Great! Absolutly wonderful! I do have trouble walking around Disney parks all day, but most everyone does no matter what they are wearing. Here are some health benefits that come from wearing Vibram Fivefingers. And no, sadly I am not getting anything from this company to say these things. It is just a great product I feel more of the world needs to know about!