Sunday, November 23, 2008


My challenge to you this week: On Friday, BUY NOTHING! That's right, on Black Friday, stay home, reflect on whether or not you NEED those things you may have purchased and hug you family!

Here is something to back me up:

What are you going to do instead of standing in line with other cold and tired people that would knock you down to get to that thing first? Perhaps clean out your closet or have the kids clean theirs out if you do intend to get them things this year. Tell them that they need to donate the junk they don't want anymore. There are plenty of thrift stores that will take it all!

And speaking of thrift stores, I found three more on Merritt Island just the other day - one of which was a baby resale store - all on SR 3 between SR 520 and SR 528. I'll get back to you on if they are any good and where exactly they are...