Saturday, November 29, 2008

Down to two...

Okay, I think we have it narrowed down to two names:

Daciana Guinevere or
Guinevere Daciana

I know. It's a mouth full. You're saying, "Those poor teachers! Having to try and say her name!" Well, it had to be as awesome as her sister's name, Anastasia Marie, and besides, we plan on homeschooling anyway! :p

"Daciana...what is that?" It means 'wolf' in the Romania/Moldova area of the world. If we had a boy, his name would have been 'Wolfgang.' I really liked that name and there were no good Russian names left for girls or a suitable female name similar to Wolfgang...Wolfganga, Wolfette, maybe...NOT!

And as for 'Guinevere', it is from the Arthurian legend, and really no more than least so far as I can find...

"Russian names? are you Russian? or have family from there?" No, not really. I do have distant ancestors from Russian I think, but mostly from Germany, Poland, and Western Europe. My husband's ancestors are from Germany, Wales, Scotland, Ireland... "and Texas," he says over my shoulder.

"Don't mess with Texas..."