Wednesday, December 3, 2008


While my husband and daughter play LEGO Indiana Jones on our Wii, I will let you all know when daughter #2 is born in Feb 2009, she shall be known as:


And as far as my health is concerned, my midwife says I am doing fantastically!!

AND I had my Glucose Test today... most of you are saying, "Yeck, glucola!" But! because I have an awesome midwife, I had a glucose breakfast instead of drinking that horribly, nasty, wrong glucola junk! It included toast, OJ (which I squeezed myself from oranges from my own backyard), scrambled eggs, and milk. That's it! No chuging nasty, syrupy, foul tasting, blech and riding a sugar-high for an hour or 2.... Best part was, my husband made it! Thank you, Love you!!

Baby - Daciana - is doing well, heart sound great, in the 140s. My BP is low and stable. And my daughter, Anastasia, is enjoying the homevisits from my midwife.