Saturday, December 27, 2008

Breastfeeding is NOT obsene!

Over on Facebook - no I don't have an account over there yet, but my husband does - there has been a virtual nurse-in all day.

Here is more info about it on another blog.

I changed my MySpace pic to a painting of a nursing mother for a while in support of it and my Husband changed his Facebook pic to one of Maggie Gyllenhaal nursing her little one in public. Yes there do exist pictures of me breastfeeding my DD but they are all out of focus and not composed very well at all! And by the way, I breastfed my DD until her 3rd birthday! I hope to nurse her sister at least as long ;o)

Right now, The Child Inside is constantly kicking and rolling and moving and giving my joy that she is INSIDE not OUT like her sister! I am doing well and am pregnant longer that I have ever been (I am just past the 31 week point in this pregnancy - the short version of last pregnancy is severe preeclampsia at 30 weeks, hospitalization, delivery of DD at 31 weeks, 17 day NICU stay, 3 months of preemie care, PPD for 6+ months, pain suffering...whole 9 yards...)