Thursday, December 4, 2008

Green Holiday Tips!

I got this from a forwarded email from...I don't remember anymore...(pregnant brain)....but they are good ideas!

1)Buy your green or organic gifts locally: Support your local economy by buying from local businesses. Ideally, choose items produced locally. Even if the item isn't produced locally, you are supporting a local business and recirculating your money back through your community.

2) Gift certificates: In a struggling economy, letting your loved ones choose what they want to buy can sometimes be the best gift. Consider buying gift certificates from your local co-op or natural food store, independent bookstore, or locally-owned restaurants.

3) Get crafty: Don't be afraid to offer handmade gifts. Put together a book of family favorite recipes. Make your own calendar. Give your loved one a coupon book offering your free services for massages, chores, and hugs.

4) Donate to a nonprofit of your choice in your friend or loved one's name. Many organizations provide certificates or thank you cards, that you can give to your loved one, acknowledging that you have made a gift donation in their name.