Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Second Chance

Nearly 15 years ago, I vowed never to return to any McDonald's ever again. I have held firm...until now...

My husband - who eats out near his workplace nearly everyday - has said that not all McDonald's are that bad, that a few of them are actually sorta pleasurable to dine at and the food isn't that bad. I have been in one establishment in Orlando, FL near Disney and it was pretty cool inside...but the level of service really has not changed....and the movie "Supersize Me" didn't help their case either.

But as for the one I went to tonight, I do have to say it was better than my last experience 20 years ago...but not by much. Yes, it was cleaner inside, and the workers and the service were a tad faster and the food had a slightly higher quality to it, but it is still McDonald's. I had one of the burger meals, soda, fries, and a fruit and walnut snack salad thing. The burger was acceptable, the fries were skinny but not as greasy (as I remember), the soda...well, was soda... and as for the fruit and walnut salad snack thing, it was a vac-u-sucked container with apple slices, candied walnuts and a yogurt dipping sauce that tasted like a melted vanilla milkshake (it had 25g of sugar!!).

I don't know if I will ever set foot in one again, but we had a few laughs, ate a few potatoes worth of fries, and sucked down our quota of high fructose corn syrup for the next few years. Now my feet feel like they are swelling so I am going to take my pregnant self to bed.