Thursday, December 4, 2008

We got a live Christmas tree!

Yesterday, the three of us went to Rockledge Gardens and picked out our Christmas tree: it is a live Red Cedar tree, native to Florida and looks beautiful! Last year, we visited a tree farm and picked out a cut tree from there. We did that to support local business as well as our family tradition of having lunch or dinner afterward at a local restaurant. The tree farm is at the North Brevard/South Volusia county line on US-1. A bit out of the way, but totally worth the experience and trip! The place we had lunch after was a BBQ place on Us-1 in Mims - locally owned and really good pulled pork, Brunswick stew, mac'n'cheese.... Okay! gotta stop! Being pregnant and talking about food may require someone to go on a midnight run ;o)

This year, after getting our live tree, we stopped at Ryan's, an Irish Pizzeria in Cocoa Village. You heard me ;o) An Irish Pizza place! Then we went to Taylor Park to play with our 3 yr old on the swings, when Lo and Belhold! Santa was just starting to set up to take pictures on his sleigh!! We got to hang out with him before he had to work, our DD got candy canes and a tiger toy and after the shock wore off, she gave him a big hug!! It was awesome timing!