Monday, November 17, 2008

My own space

I do have a MySpace page and here is why: my DH ran into someone from his high school class in church totally out of the blue. She said they were going to have their ten year reunion soon and he should check out the class' MySpace page. Well, he found it after much ado and decided to start to connect with old classmates by starting his own page. Then he said I should get my own page. I reluctantly did. MySpace was getting a really bad rap at the time and it also seemed juvenile. But lo and behold, I found that my own high school was having their ten year reunion - sort of - and they had their own page.

Anyway, we sort of went to each others reunions, both were kinda lame (mine was horribly expensive and his we just managed to go to the picnic). But what came out of it was that I reconnected with former classmates and friends I had not heard from in 10-20 years! For the most part, everyone looked the same, just older.

It was also through MySpace that I found a kind of voice for my opinions and was able to connect with other advocates of things I am interested in. I think, though, that I will come away from MySpace and use this medium as my outlet. It seems to have more freedom and flexibility, and I can post breastfeeding pictures without fear of Tom deleting them. :P

I invite you all to leave comments, opinions, thoughts and prayers on my blog....though I can't promise they will all be approved! (it IS my site after all ;o)