Saturday, November 22, 2008

What am I?

As far as religion is concerned, in short, I consider myself Christian. But here is exactly what I consider myself to be:

I am a german-polish-jew who was raised Catholic, married a Protestant and attend a non-denominational Christian community church. (I grew up hating myself - LOL!) I also have an anthropology degree, which at one point could have led me to believe that God is man-made but made the decision to stick with my faith.

I am also not allowed to be racist or biased in any way and here is why:

I have two cousins with Mexican background, another one whose daddy's side is black and Cherokee, two more cousins with red hair...and those are just half of the cousins on my mom's side of the family ;o)

BTW, I hate the term "race" and here is why:

In anthropology, "race" is a word used to describe different species, i.e. dog and bird. These different species cannot breed with each other to create more of themselves. However, there are several types of dogs, i.e. hound and german shepard. These dogs can procreate. They are the same species.

Same goes for humans: There is ONE human race, different variations. An Irish man can procreate with a Polynesian woman. Or Mexican woman and a Japanese man can have offspring.

I heard on the radio the other day that Obama is not the first "black" president (meaning he doesn't just govern black people), he is the first president America who just happens to be of a different ethnic background than all the preceding presidents. And after seeing him on Oprah all those months back before he ran for presidency (and when I DID have TV), I called it! I heard him speak and thought that if he did run, he could be the next president. I am also not saying
that I did or did not vote for him, but I will support him when he is sworn in.

Anyway, my rambling will now cease! lease for now ;o)