Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I challenge you!

Every once in a while, I will offer to you a challenge: something to do, usually simple, perhaps complex, yet always something I would do or have done.

And today's challenge is: DO SOMETHING YOU HAVE NOT DONE BEFORE! This includes going to a store, preferably a local shop, and supporting your local businesses.

I have found this wonderful little cafe between Port St John and Titusville, FL called Elevations Cafe. Elevations International Cafe is a non profit art cafe that supports disaster relief through the arts and clean water. What does that mean really? When you come in and enjoy a caramel latte or a mocha freeze in our cool family friendly cultured atmosphere we're not just serving your thirst, we're partnering together SERVING A THIRSTY WORLD. Every purchase made in the cafe goes right back into funding disaster relief. (They are located at 8850 Grissom Parkway in Titusville, FL near the Police Deptartment; 321-267-7726)

Find your own new favorite cafe or hobby shop or boutique. They are out there and usually not hard to find. There are also farmer's markets and craft fairs or those new Aldi's opening all around Brevard County!